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Wine & health

Thesis: Wine and health through the ages
with special reference to Australia


Wine is man's oldest medicine, having been used as such by the medical profession for over 5,000 years. Until recently the anti-alcohol lobby has had the high moral ground promoting alcohol and wine consumption in terms of doom and gloom. Research over the last decade has turned this view around so that now most members of the medical profession view the consumption of a moderate amount of wine in a favourable way, to the point now that it is not only looked upon as causing no harm, but actually for most being beneficial. If one examines the history of the use of wine as a medicine this is not a new idea, but one that has been rediscovered and given credibility due to current research findings. This thesis will examine this use of wine as a medicine in the past and currently.

Little has been written about the history of the use of wine as a medicine in the past and very little has been written about its use as a medicine in Australia and about the doctors in Australia who established their vineyards to make wine for their patients – Australia’s many wine doctors.

This thesis will aim to correct these wine and medical historical deficiencies, thus helping to put the whole question of wine and health into a more balanced and proper perspective, instead of the ill-informed, negative anti-alcohol view.


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