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Wine & health

Summary of the medicinal uses of wine by the ancients

  1. Antiseptic - of wounds, of water, and preoperatively
  2. Tranquilizer/sedative
  3. Hypnotic
  4. Anaesthetic
  5. Anti-nauseant
  6. Appetite stimulant
  7. Tonic/restorative during convalescence
  8. Treatment of anaemia
  9. Diuretic
  10. Purgative (depending on type of wine)
  11. Anti diarrhoeal (depending on type of wine)
  12. Cooling agents
  13. Poultices
  14. Mixing medium for other medicines - sometimes with honey


Dr Philip NORRIE
MBBS,MA,MSc,MSocSc[Hons],PhD, currently doing MD

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