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Wine is fit for man in a wonderful way, provided that it is taken with good sense by the sick, as well as the healthy.

– Hippocrates (460-377BC)
Greek Physician

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Frequently asked questions

Question: How do I know the wines are safe?

There is no need for any concern about product safety as the wines comply with all the relevant Australian winemaking regulations. Resveratrol already occurs naturally in grapes and wine. It’s no more dangerous than adding an extra banana to your breakfast smoothie.

Question: I’ve heard new studies reveal alcohol is actually bad for me. What is your understanding?

It all comes down to what type and how much. I've written a blog article on exactly this topic - take a look.

Question: Why can’t I just take a resveratrol pill?

You can, but resveratrol in wine is likely to be more effective. The best absorption of resveratrol is via the buccal [ mouth ] mucosa, not the small intestine, hence resveratrol is more effectively absorbed as wine and not as pills. The alcohol in wine is itself an anti-coagulant (ie: it thins the blood) and also raises ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol levels. This makes it the ideal ‘delivery system’ for resveratrol – as long as the wine is consumed in moderation. Wine also contains other anti-oxidants (such as quercetin and epicatechin) and salicylic acid (which also acts as an anti-coagulant).

Question: Isn’t this just a gimmick?

No it isn’t a gimmick. There is substantial and growing scientific consensus that resveratrol has many health benefits. It is the focus of pharmaceutical industry research aimed at developing a new line of anti-ageing medicines.

Question: What will resveratrol cure?

It doesn’t actually cure anything. What it does do is make you less likely to develop such degenerative diseases as vascular disease, dementia, diabetes, cancer, blindness and other age-related diseases.

Question: I don’t like dry table wines… What do I do?

The Wine Doctor range will be expanded in response to demand. If you register your interest and state your wine preferences we will contact you when we have relevant information.

Question: I’m worried about the large amounts of extra resveratrol, especially in the white wine. What can you say to reassure me?

Resveratrol occurs naturally in grape skins and has been shown to be safe in much larger doses than are contained in these wines.

Question: What do you have to say about the dangers of alcohol?

Unless you have a specific allergy or intolerance to alcohol and if you consume it in moderation, wine offers only health benefits. As Abraham Lincoln said, the issue with alcohol is not… ‘the use of a bad thing but… the abuse of a very good thing’.

Question: Why can’t I buy the wines in shops?

The initial quantity of resveratrol-enhanced wines we have made is quite small, just 1000 six-packs of each wine. It’s a world first, and we are starting slowly, with measured steps. We hope the wines will be available by the glass in restaurants and wine bars, so people can try them. They are likely to be available in liquor stores in the future. They will become more widely available quite quickly if they find favour in the marketplace.

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